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Through advanced methods and laboratory equipment to accurately assess performance, health, stress and metabolism, Richard guides individuals, teams and organisations to a better life through better health and performance. Richards clients range from elite and professional athletes, recreational athletes (amateur triathlon, cycling, marathon etc) to regular people including young mums, businessmen and anybody looking to improve their health and optimise body weight.
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About Richard

Richard has a wealth of experience working with professional athletes as well as private and corporate clients. Primarily working as a strength and conditioning coach in professional rugby environments, Richards professional experience includes working as the Head of Performance for the Portuguese Rugby Federation, Head of Strength and Conditioning to London Scottish, Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach to Exeter Chiefs as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to the Auckland Rugby Union and The Blues Super Rugby Franchise in New Zealand. Richard now consults to individual athletes and clients who range from Team GB Judo athletes, professional Boxers, MMA fighters to high performing business executives.

Richard is a SENr registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist obtaining a BSc from Cardiff Met University before beginning his MSc from the University of Chester. He has since undertaken the ISSN Graduate Diploma in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition and is an ISAK Level 1 certified anthropometrist. Richard is currently completing a MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology.

Through the use of specialist equipment in Richards own Human Performance Laboratory, Richard removes the guesswork out of training and nutrition and can create bespoke programmes for you based on quantifiable, scientific data. To see how Richards services can help support you, your team or organisation please get in contact.

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Resting Metabolic rate Testing

Measure and Track Your Metabolism

Metabolism involves the process of converting food and accumulated fat into energy within the body. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is an estimation of the total number of calories an individual burns whilst at rest and therefore provides a great insight into the "speed" at which calories can be burned.

Why measure your Resting Metabolic Rate?

By measuring an individuals RMR, we are able to observe how an energy insuffiency and high training demand has an on an individuals metabolism. Measurements are extremely helpful when attempting to determine the individuals nutritional needs and how to properly manage them to achieve their performance or body composition goals. 

"As you can see, your tested RMR is 2969 kcals per day, almost 700 kcals higher than the popular Harris-Benedict estimated daily requirement. This not only highlights the individual variability in metabolism but also the importance of testing and not guessing as making recommendations based on guesswork can have a profound impact on performance or weight loss."

Vo2 Max Testing

The gold standard of measuring aerobic fitness

A persons maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) constitutes the most commonly used variable to charaterise the state of cardiorespiratory fitness. This corresponds to the highest rate at which oxygen can be absorbed by the body and used by the muscles during high intensity exercise.

 As each persons V02 Max can be different and effected by a number of contributing factors such as age, gender, genetics and training history. Understanding your own fitness ability allows for training to be tracked and monitored and for bespoke and individualized nutritional and training recommendations to be implemented. 

Richard can provide bespoke training guidelines in line with the test results to enhance your fitness ability that are in line with the individuals goals and requirements. 

Body Composition

Keeping track of your body composition for optimal health & performance

Your body composition is used to describe the amount of fat mass, lean muscle mass, bone density and water stored in your body and it can have a profound impact on your health, performance and ability to function on a day-to-day basis. Depending on your weight, exercise and lifestyle goals, it is important to assess this on a regular basis to keep you on track of your goals and health markers

How your Body Composition is measured

The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry  (ISAK) is an international organisation who train practitioners to become proficient at assessing body composition. Their accreditation scheme ensures that those who pass have the necessary skills to be able to accurately and reliably assess body composition using skinfolds and girths. 

 Through multi-channel bioelectrical impedance, the mBCA 525 provides a fast, precise and non-invasive measure of skeletal muscle mass, fat mass, total body water and extracellular and intracellular hydration status with a comprehensive and easily interpreted report for you to take away.

A body composition within the recommended ranges can suggest that you have less risk of developing obesity related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even some cancers. 

Lifestyle & Stress Assessment

A leading provider in physiological analytics for sports performance and individual health & well-being

By transforming heart beat data into personalised information on exercise, stress and recovery, First Beat technology is being adopted by hundreds of elite sports teams, wellness professionals and millions of clients world wide who trust First Beat to enhance health and well–being. 

How can it benefit you?

Demonstrate factors that affect well-being at work and in leisure
Get in depth and understandable information about your daily life and motivate you towards constructive change
Find a balance between being active versus rest and recovery
Help you discover ways to manage stress, recover better and exercise correctly
Control stress, recover better, exercise the correct way and become more resilient
Get a high quality coaching tool to keep you motivated and engaged

The services Richard delivers to each of his clients are evidence based and supported through recognised qualifications, accreditations and the latest research. Regardless of age, gender, goal or fitness ability all clients can rely on Richards services to make them perform, feel and look better. 

Physiological Assessments

Performance & Nutrition Assessment (1.5 Hours) including VO2 Fitness Test, RMR, ISAK Body Composition & First Beat Stress Test.

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Bespoke Nutrition Coaching & Support

Richard provides tailor-made Nutrition Programmes for each individual client based on their specific goals and the findings of their own bespoke performance and health assessments.

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Sports Team / Corporate Consulting

Richard can provide bespoke support to your team or organisation tailoring his delivery to your level of need. Services can be delivered via workshops, presentations or one to one sessions.

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** Note: Individual assessments are available upon request

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